Homemade Pecan Milk


Lately I've been making my own nut milk and herbal (caff-free) cold brew and I LOVE it! Unfortunately, far too many nut milks found in supermarkets are filled with added gums or other junk ingredients. I love prepping my own nut milk because I know exactly what's being put into it and I can customize it any way I want! Plus with Ellie's Best nut milk bags, the process seriously couldn't be any easier. Once the pecans were soaked, the entire process took about 7 minutes!

This week I made a vanilla pecan nut milk, and I threw in some collagen peptides + vanilla MCT oil in there as well for the extra benefits. It was SO creamy and delish! Perfect to use in your coffee, matcha, or just drinking straight from the bottle. 


  • 1 cup pecans
  • 3 cups filtered water
  • 1 scoop collagen peptides (optional)
  • 1 tsp vanilla EMCT oil (can sub with vanilla extract, also optional)
  • Ellie's Best Nut Milk Bag

To make the nut milk, I soaked 1 cup of pecans in water overnight. I strained the pecans and threw them in a blender along with 3 cups filtered water and blended for 5 minutes. I poured the mixture into the Ellie's Best nut milk bag (over a large bowl) which quickly strained the pecan pulp from the milk. After removing the bag, I added the collagen peptides, MCT oil, and vanilla extract into the milk and mixed well. I poured into a mason jar and and kept in the fridge. That's it! 

I also kept the pecan pulp and used it for a separate recipe (to be posted soon) so there was zero waste. 

ALSO you can get 10% OFF the Ellie's Best milk bag by using promo code: KRISTINA10. Simply click on the "Shop Products" portion of my site for the link to buy the nut milk bag on Ellie's website! It's absolutely worth the money because it's reusable, can be used for so many things (nut milk, juices, coffees, etc.) and it makes the process SO ridiculously easy!